Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

Custom Solutions Tailored to fit Your Needs

There is no “one size fits all” solution for a custom issue. Our software solutions can bridge the gap between existing applications or build new connections.

Much More than just a software company.

Here at Betacraft we create software and connections. We offer a wide range of services from software/application conversion and custom middleware to digital transformation and creating customized solutions to fit your specific needs.

Software Conversion

Our team of developers specialize in modernizing legacy software using stable cutting edge technologies.

Customized Middleware

We leverage the power of microservices, containers, and cloud-native architectures for exposing, publishing via APIs.

Digital Transformation

We take lengthy paper trails or outdated software and turn it into a quick process that will work seamlessly.

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Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation


Taking a No Harm Approach to software development.

Running a successful business can be stressful on it’s own without having the worry about upgrading legacy software. At Betacraft, we test and create your software in a duplicate but separate test environment so you can continue serving your customers.

Software Made to Measure

Betacraft Solutions is the perfect choice for your business software needs.

The software we provide is merely the end product. By helping you identify issues in existing software, resolving sluggish processes and creating bridges across different technologies we build connections, and equip you with the tools to stay successful after we have completed your build.

Manage security in your custom app directly from your CMS!

Betacraft’s App Manager application can be customized to extend the functionality of CMS applications within custom applications. Allowing your users to authenticate to your new custom app seamlessly!